Multi Layered Security System Proves Successful In Defending Utility Company From Malware Attack

Thursday, June 10, 2021

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Continu IT Solutions

On June 8th at midnight Pacific Time, one of Continu’s clients, a major utility company, was hit with a targeted email campaign loaded with ransomware. This attack was utilizing a ‘spoofed’ domain of popular business software solution, DocuSign, and had hidden links to malicious Russian websites. This threat was detected by one layer of Continu’s multi-layered threat detection system, quickly isolated and eliminated from our client’s network.

This event proves the necessity of having advanced systems in place to protect organizations from devastating ransomware attacks. The frequency and ferocity of these cyber-attacks has grown rapidly in recent weeks and months with no sign of slowing down. Defending against these attacks is more than just possible, in many cases simple systems and procedures are all that are necessary to weed out the vast majority of these attacks.

Continu has long been a champion of cybersecurity best practices, for over 20 years offering solutions that enhance IT capabilities in combination with a strong defense against outside attackers. We are strongly recommending to all business leaders that they take the recent increase in cybercrime as a warning signal for their own organizations. Without proper preparation or at the very least training, you are putting your most valuable resources at risk of being stolen.

We highly encourage those business leaders who are concerned about this trend to contact us immediately. Even if we are not the service provider you might be looking for, we want to learn about your concerns and point you in the right direction towards addressing them.