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Crawl, Walk or Run. We meet you where you are.

A growing reliance on cloud-based services, IT and other developing technologies, has made businesses dramatically more vulnerable to cyber attack.

In today’s threat landscape, the likelihood of a data breach occurring within your organization is now almost guaranteed.

That’s why Continū is committed to helping you prepare and protect your critical systems by meeting you where you are, no matter what your current security posture may be.

SecūrCore puts you in a more defensible position, with three stages of security. Each one progressively reduces your threat landscape through continuous identification and remediation of newly discovered vulnerabilities within your evolving environment.

Every SecūrCore stage features Security Monitoring with Managed SIEM

SIEM Customization

SIEM Optimization

24/7 Analysis & Alerts


Executive Reports

Periodic Health Checks

Fortune 500 security, without spending a fortune.

We keep your organization secure and compliant - without breaking the bank.

Continuous Threat Detection and Response

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  • SIEM Customization
  • SIEM Optimization
  • 24/7 Analysis and Alerts
  • Remediation
  • Executive Reports
  • Periodic Health Checks

Threat Detection and Response, Plus Endpoint Protection

SecurCore ADVANCED builds on SecureCore BASIC by giving you added resistance, adaptivity, and dependability you could expect from a next-level security solution.

Our next generation endpoint technology employs AI and machine learning to insulate endpoint devices from malicious code, while capturing and analyzing forensic data that our Security Engineers can use to further isolate and remedy the threat.

SecureCore ADVANCED Detection & Response plus Endpoint Protection features:

  • True Zero-Day Protection
  • AI-Driven Malware Prevention
  • Script Management
  • Device Usage Policy Enforcement
  • Memory Exploitation Detection and Prevention
  • Application Control for Fixed -Function Devices

Threat Detection & Response, Endpoint Protection, Vulnerability & Patch Management

SecurCore PREMIUM gives you unmatched speed and agility, focus, intensity, strategy, stealth and commitment of a premier data security platform.

SecurCore PREMIUM builds upon SecurCore BASIC and ADVANCED by adding real-time vulnerability scanning and responsive patch management and features:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Access to Online Vulnerability Database
  • Patch Approval and Deployment
  • Model and Analyze Cyber Exposure
  • Repair Prioritization
  • Reporting