Managed IT Support Services

More Responsive and Capable IT Support Team for Less Cost

Support your staff , applications and network with a responsive, experienced and collaborative support team at a drastically lower cost than an in-house IT team.

Managed Services Wheel

Help Desk

  • Single point of contact
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • We become an extension of your team
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Staff can create tickets via email, phone or web portal
  • Personalized service around your needs

Managed Hosting

  • Access to enterprise-level infrastructure and support
  • Reduce the time to create and deploy new products and services
  • Northwest's largest and most robust data center grid
  • Secure yet cost-efficient IT delivery model
  • Keep your desktop and applications you currently use
  • Eliminate the time and cost associated with IT infrastructure management

Managed Backups

  • 256-bit encryption for secure transfer and storage
  • Direct backup to our private cloud
  • Advanced technology shortens backup window
  • We manage the complete process
  • Windows, Mac, Linux platforms
  • Stored in private tier-3 data centers

Hardware Procurement

  • The right hardware for your needs at a competitive price
  • Increased convenience, organization and coordination of effort
  • Reduce ordering mistakes and develop confidence in your equipment
  • Enhances manageability with a single-source provider
  • Less wasted time

Data Centers

  • Tier-3 data center facilities and above
  • Redundant power and HVAC
  • Physical security with security guards
  • Multiple factor authentication and access
  • Compliance management including PCI, HIPAA and HITRUST
  • Connection redundancy
  • Geographically dispersed data center grid

Disaster Recovery

  • Complete IT business continuity solution that protects and restores data
  • Budget flexibility options from affordable to advanced solutions
  • Continū’s offsite data centers ensure business continuity
  • Don’t just prepare to recover; prepare to be resilient
  • Fully-managed solution with decades of expertise
  • Overall business recovery is backed by our SLA

Managed Security

  • Deep expertise in advanced security technologies
  • 24/7 managed security operations
  • Network, server, email and web security
  • Managed firewalls and VPN endpoints
  • Compliance management including PCI, HIPPA
  • Elevate your security posture via a comprehensive solution

AV/Malware Management

  • Antivirus included on all servers and workstations
  • Safeguard users from visiting malicious websites
  • Best-in-class solution for detecting and blocking
  • Managed and monitored by an experienced team
  • Leading endpoint protection solution
  • Centralized security management across all platforms

Systems Monitoring

  • Reduce network outages and improve performance
  • Responsive 24/7 availability
  • Includes antivirus and patch management
  • Reduce outages and quickly detect, diagnose and resolve issues
  • Identify future incidents and minimize severity
  • Proactively identify and fix issues before users experience them
Advanced IT

Secure, Private Cloud Hosting

With SecurCloud, you can achieve security that goes beyond compliance, combined with the support of a world-class Security Operations Center.
SecurCloud delivers a secure hosting solution featuring our proven, fully-managed virtual private cloud, SecurCloud. Our high-performance cloud infrastructure and its integrated security controls promise to bring you the utmost protection for your critical systems.

UNCOMPROMISED SECURITY: Fully managed security, built-in and instantly deployed on every cloud server.
SEAMLESS COMPLIANCE: “Audit-ready” compliance to meet PCI/DSS, HIPAA/HITRUST and GDPR mandates.
END-TO-END SUPPORT: Access to on-demand talent to deliver single-source hosting and security support.
UNRIVALED PERFORMANCE: Turnkey infrastructure-as-a-Service managed for performance

Fortune 500 security, without spending a fortune.

We keep your organization secure and compliant - without breaking the bank.